Mango Kittens 🐱

ONCE upon a time there was a mango kitten and he hated pickel houses.

So the mango kitten created a bomb to blow up all the pickel houses. The master mango kitten threw the bomb at the pickel house and then ran. The next day the mango kiten came back and the pickel house was gone.

The mango kitten bombed every pickel house that ever existed until all the pickel houses were gone.

But then the creator of pickel houses came and there was a big fight between the master mango kiteen and the creator of pickel houses.

The military mango kittens came with the help of the I Like Trains kid who was their secret weapon. But then, the pickelformers came to reinforce the pickel houses.

The war began. While the military mangos and the pickelformers were fighting the mango kittens secret weapon snuck up behind the pickelformers and said “I like trains” and then all the pickelformers got knocked out and the mango kittens won the war.